Why you may prefer a Small Microwave Oven

A simple but handy cooking appliance is the small microwave. Small microwave ovens offer a microwave option for those who simply do not have the space for a larger microwave model. But they also offer some other advantages as well. Even though you won’t be able to cook as many large dishes and varieties of foods as you could in a larger, fully featured model, a compact microwave certainly has its benefits.


Small Microwave Benefits - Whirlpool WMC20005YB

The unique design of the Whirlpool WMC20005YB allows you to save space like no other.

Benefits of a small microwave oven:


Compact with a Small Footprint

There are quite a few advantages that come when purchasing small microwave ovens. For starters they are very compact, which means you can fit them into spots which are too small to place a standard or full sized microwave oven. This could be a small counter, a cramped kitchen, an office and even a dorm room. The small footprint a compact microwave offers gives it great appeal for those struggling with space.

Often are a Low Price

A great advantage of the small microwave ovens is that they are often cheap. Those only needing a microwave for basic functions such as reheating leftovers or cooking up frozen dinners may find a mini microwave is all they need. And the bonus is they are very inexpensive, some models you can pick up for around $50 even. That is quite a bargain and a great idea for those on a strict budget.

Small Microwave - Low Cost - RCA RMW953

Those looking for a low cost microwave, may like the RCA RMW953. It has a spacious interior for a compact microwave, has useful features, and is very affordable!


Another benefit of small microwave ovens is that they are very lightweight, which means they are a lot easier to move if you want to be able to move it often.

Low Wattage

The other handy advantage of the compact microwave is that it is usually low wattage. Some may see this as a disadvantage as it means the time it takes to cook and heat foods will be longer than a higher wattage microwave. But for those with power and outage concerns, a model like this is perfect.


Small microwave ovens are a popular option among university students, those with small apartments, and with those who prefer the simplicity which comes with an oven like this. For cooking frozen dinners, microwave porridge, popcorn, heating up milk and heating leftovers, a small microwave is an affordable solution to your needs.


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