Sharp R-930AK Convection Microwave Oven Review

A very well-liked option in popular convection microwave ovens is the Sharp Convection Microwave.  This is a 1 ½ Cubic Feet, 900 Watt microwave convection oven which comes in Black (R-930AK), White (R-930AW) and Stainless Steel (R-930CS).  You may ask yourself, what can this microwave do?  Well the answer to that question seems to be: what can’t it do?  The Sharp 1 ½ Cubic Feet 900 Watt Convection Microwave is able to cook a very large variety of foods.  And it can cook them well.  This is largely due to the several different ways it is able to cook food.  It has microwave only cooking, convection only cooking, automatic mix cooking and broil cooking.  With many different ways to cook foods, this just leaves you to discover the best method for cooking all your favorite foods.


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Review of the Sharp Convection Microwave

1.5 Cubic Feet, 900 Watt

Countertop Convection Microwave in 3 Finishes:

Black R-930AK, White R-930AW & Stainless Steel R-930CS


Those after the ultimate cooking machine will definitely want to check out the Sharp R-930 Convection Microwave.  You can cook chicken, hamburgers, roast, turkey breasts, fish and many other foods easily with this unit.  Broil mode is perfect for steaks, chops and chicken, whereas slow cook mode is great for baked beans or marinated steak.  Compu Broil/Roast/Bake modes allow you to cook many different foods automatically from roasting turkey, to broiling fish, to baking cakes.  This Sharp Convection Microwave is easy to program and comes with many automatic sensor settings.  All you need to do is decide which cooking method is best and turn large foods over once to speed up the cooking times.  Have a read below of the many impressive features of this Sharp Convection Microwave:

Sharp Convection Microwave - Stainless Steel R-930CS

Sharp Convection Microwave in Stainless Steel R-930CS

Sharp Convection Microwave - White R-930AW

Sharp Convection Microwave in White R-930AW



  • Full Sized Convection Microwave Oven
  • Available in Black, White and Stainless Steel Finishes
  • 1 ½ Cubic Foot Capacity
  • 900 Watts of Cooking Power
  • 15 3/8 Inch Turntable
  • 11 Preset Power Levels – This unit is able to operate at low power levels which will increase the cooking times. This is ideal for the slow cooking of meats as well as foods like cheese and milk.
  • Included:  Low and High Racks – which can be used to cook multiple things at once.
  • Has Optional Built in Kits – Built in kits are available for each of these models if you want a built in microwave and can be purchased separately from Amazon or ordered direct from the Sharp Accessories and Supplies Center.


Has Convection, Automatic Mix, Broil, Bake and Roast Cooking Functions:
  • Convection Cooking – Along with microwave cooking and heating, this unit also has convection cooking and heating.  How this works is hot air is circulated throughout the interior of the oven.  The hot air browns and crisps foods both evenly and quickly.  There are 10 different convection cooking temperatures available which you can use to cook for up to 99 minutes and 99 seconds.
  • Automatic Mix Cooking – To cook easily and quickly in this oven you may want to try out the automatic mix cooking feature.  This cooking mode mixes convection heating with microwave operation to allow you to cook and heat foods quickly, whilst still using convection heat.  This unit has 2 pre programmed settings to use for automatic mix cooking: LOW MIX/BAKE and HIGH MIX/ROAST.  Many different foods can be cooked easily by using these settings, with the only exception being foods which would cook better using only convection cooking.  Automatic mix cooking gives you a quick and easy option for convection cooking foods in your microwave, with the result of beautifully browned foods with the perfect amount of crispness.  A great quality of food is produced, for example: meats turn out juicy, and cakes turn out moist and tender.  So delicious!



Compu Broil/Roast/Bake Functions:
  • CompuBroil – This cooking function broils chicken pieces, hamburgers, steaks, chops and fish steaks automatically.
  • CompuRoast – This cooking function roasts chicken, turkey, turkey breast and pork automatically.
  • CompuBake – This cooking function bakes cakes, muffins, cookies and French fries automatically.
  • Compu Defrost – This feature is for automatically defrosting certain types of foods.  For example: steak, ground meat, chops, fish, and chicken pieces.
  • Manual Defrost – This function is for any foods not covered by the Compu Defrost Auto Settings.


Multiple Sequence Cooking:

With multiple sequence cooking you can program up to 4 automatic cooking sequences in microwave mode, and up to 2 automatic sequences with preheat in convection/mix mode.  This cooking method gives you the ability to change power levels automatically within the cooking cycle, meaning you don’t have to stop the cycle and change the power level yourself.  Once this unit is set it automatically changes the power level for you.  This is a great option for some foods which require different power level settings in order to be cooked correctly.


Easy to Use Smart Sensor Settings:
  • Sensor Cooking – Cook foods easily with this automatic cooking mode.  Sensor cooking will adjust the power level and cooking times of several different types of foods for you.  This works by the Sharp sensor detecting the moisture and humidity produced by foods as it heats.  Food covered by sensor cooking in this unit includes baked potatoes, both fresh and frozen vegetables, frozen entrees, bacon, hot dogs, fish and seafood.
  • Instant Sensor Reheat – An automatic reheating mode.  Automatic sensor reheating is perfect for leftovers.  For example, leftover casseroles, vegetables, rice and potatoes, as well as for soups, canned vegetables and entrees.
  • Instant Sensor Popcorn – Make delicious popcorn easily with this quick button.



Extra Features:
  • Manual Temperature Settings
  • 7 Digit Display in 2 Colors
  • Interior Light
  • Clock
  • More or Less Time Adjustment
  • Kitchen Timer
  • Minute Plus – Use it to cook for one minute at 100% with just a simple press, or extend the cooking times of foods in increments of one minute during manual cooking.
  • Touch On Button – Cook at 100% power by holding down the START/TOUCH ON button, and remove your finger to stop the cooking instantly.  (Maximum cooking time 3 minutes).  This button is perfect for bringing milk just to below boiling point or for melting cheese or butter.
  • Manual Operation – For when you just need to cook something simple fast and easily.  Press in the numbers, for example, 1 3 0 to enter the cooking time of 1 minute and 30 seconds on high power.
  • Cookbook – A detailed cookbook comes with the oven and has easy to follow instructions, hints, guidelines and recipes.  Refer to it often to learn how to make the best foods in your oven.
  • Demonstration mode


  • Exterior Dimensions: 24 5/8 by 14 7/8 by 18 ¾ inches
  • Interior Dimensions: 16 1/8 by 9 5/8 by 16 1/8 inches
  • Weight:  60 pounds
  • Comes with a 1 Year Limited Warranty


Customer Reviews:

The Sharp Convection Microwaves in Black (R-930AK), White (R-930AW) and Stainless Steel (R-930CS) have received almost 200 5/5 star reviews on Amazon which is by far in the majority, but it has received a few low ratings as well.  Many owners love the unit and recommend it highly to others.

Comments include very positive experiences using the oven such as: “Just what I wanted!”, “this is the best microwave we have ever owned”, and “The Sharp Convection Microwave does everything I want it to do and each day I’m learning more”.

Sharp-1-½-Cubic-Feet-Convection-Microwave-R-930AKThe majority of owners of the R-930 units have nothing but good things to say about this unit and cannot find anything at all negative about it.  As so many owners are very pleased with this Sharp unit, we dug a little deeper to find out what is particularly good about it, and also, is there anything bad about it?

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Here are the pros and cons we discovered about the Sharp Convection Microwave Oven:

  • Very large size.  This unit is big.  Actually you may find it to be a bit bigger and heavier than you expected, but the plus side is, it has a very impressive interior volume.  This 1 ½ Cubic Foot capacity convection microwave oven has both high and low racks in its interior.  This means you are able to bake two 9 inch cake pans at the same time.  How neat is that!  One owner comments that this particular oven was the best and largest unit they could find to use in their available space.  It is advised however that you carefully measure the height, width and depth of your allocated kitchen space before ordering as this oven is considerably larger than many regular countertop microwave ovens.
  • Very versatile.  This unit is an extremely versatile and useful appliance to have in one’s kitchen, as it operates as both a microwave and as a regular convection oven.  As one owner says  “your getting the best of both worlds – both a microwave and convection oven!”  Also, the Sharp R-930 has a very large interior with dual racks, making the options for cooking in this microwave  endless. It actually makes you want to try out new recipes you haven’t cooked before, just so you can cook it up in this oven.Sharp-Convection-Microwave-White-R-930AW
  • Good operation and fast cooking times.  Owners state that this unit lives up to what Sharp says it can do, and does everything the advertising says it can do.  It is sturdily built with many nice features and many different ways to cook.  Cooking in this microwave is also very fast, even faster than many instructions state.
  • Delivers great cooking results.  Many owners state that this unit bakes, broils and microwaves very well.  The convection cooking cooks very evenly and doesn’t dry out the food.  Owners comment that this unit is great at cooking steaks, chicken and fresh sausages, as well as baked cookies and pies, which turn out beautifully and cook much faster than expected.  Popcorn is done to perfection and other recipes turn out very well too.  One owner comments on how nicely it works for baking cakes.  The owner made a devil’s food bundt cake and it turned out beautifully, bakery moist and a much better result than what the owner’s regular oven delivers, which often dries out the food.Sharp-Convection-Microwave-R-930AW-Control-Panel
  • Sensor cooking works very well and is very handy.  Many love this intelligent cooking feature which works for several different types of foods including hot dogs, entrees and vegetables.  It is a great option if you are not sure how long to cook something for, just chuck it on a plate and let the microwave do all the thinking for you. The great thing is though, foods cooked via sensor cooking turn out perfectly.
  • Easy to use controls and features.  Owners have found this unit to be very intuitive to use and to have lots of useful features.  The sensor cooking gives you easy to follow prompts as to which button to push next.  There is also a separate kitchen timer which enables you to preheat the convection oven at one temperature and then bake at a different temperature without needing to program the microwave again.  The instructions provided with this convection microwave may seem a little overwhelming at first, but they are easy to understand and follow.  And after trying the oven out with a few different types of foods, the whole cooking process feels a lot more intuitive.
  • Looks nice.  Owners comment that the Sharp Convection Microwave looks very pretty and nice in a kitchen.  The stainless steel model looks particularly attractive, especially when used as a built in.
  • Easy to clean.  Cleaning of this unit is very easy as the interior is made up of stainless steel (for the R-930CS Stainless Steel model) and is a smooth surface area. Some damp paper towels clean up the interior just fine, and you can add a little dish-washing detergent occasionally for a better clean.
  • Great value and shopping experience.  Many owners comment that the Sharp R-930 Convection Microwave was a great purchase and was a very affordable price.  Shopping through Amazon went smoothly and the delivery of the item was very fast, on time and was well packed.


  • One owner states it is important to not go above the suggested weight limit for the turntable, even stay a bit below to be on the safer side. The turntable motor and gears is made only from plastic and could break under too much weight.
  • This unit feels a bit cheap compared to owner’s older unit. The door and latch feel like cheap plastic. This is said often about newer microwave models. They just don’t seem to make them as tough as they used to.
  • Longevity is a concern. How reliable is this Sharp unit? Many owners are completely happy with this microwave and have had no problems at all with it. Whereas a few owners have had issues with it. With a few, the turntable stopped working. In another case, the door wouldn’t close properly. One owner had to replace the unit after 3 years and 4 months and opted for a Panasonic convection microwave instead. They were much happier with that model, and they preferred the use of dials over a keypad and found the sensor heating to have better results with the Panasonic.  If you think you too may prefer a Panasonic convection microwave, check out the model we like the best: the Panasonic NN-CD989S.



Sharp-Convection-Microwave-Black-R-930AK Sharp-R-930CS
Sharp-R-930AW  Sharp R-930AK

The Sharp R-930 Convection Microwave is a very popular option in convection microwave ovens, and it certainly does seem to be one of the best.  The many different methods it has for cooking foods is highly impressive and to make it even more appealing a lot of the ways are automatic for very easy cooking.  The roomy interior is a plus for those wanting to cook large meals or multiple meals at once and it is easy to program.  Even the quality of foods produced is very high, in all modes too.  Convection cooking, microwaving, automatic mix cooking, and broiling all produce fantastic results.  The only downside found with this unit was its reliability was a little uncertain; however the majority of owners experienced no problems at all.

Those looking for a microwave which can be used not only as a microwave but a normal oven as well (perhaps even better than a normal oven!), may be very interested in this model.  It’s a great option for those who want to be able to cook a large variety of foods, both quickly and easily.


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