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Buying a new microwave oven can be a little overwhelming.  You’ll find yourself asking all these questions:  Which brand is best?  Which style do I want?  What size do I need?  What functions do I want?  And how much do I want to spend?  When shopping for a new microwave you ask yourself all these questions and can easily get confused and overwhelmed about which one to buy.    To help you through the shopping process, we have narrowed down the basics of what to look for when buying a new microwave oven.

Get started by reading the 3 microwave shopping tips below, take a look at our quick shopping guide, or click on an article that interests you for more information.  Happy Shopping!


Microwave Shopping Guides, Tips, Helpful Articles & Information:

The articles below have been written to help and guide you through your shopping experience.  Read about the differences between microwave ovens; what styles are available and what each type is good for; the different functions a microwave oven has and what to look for when choosing one; and how to use microwave reviews to properly aid you and not confuse you.

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Buying a Microwave Oven - Choices

Buying a Microwave Oven – 3 Choices To Make

When shopping for a new microwave oven there are 3 main points you can look out for.  These are style, size and function.  Deciding on these will narrow down your search and help you find the right microwave for you.

Microwave Shopping – 2 Steps to find the Perfect Oven

When it becomes time to replace your microwave oven you may find you are overwhelmed by all the options.  This quick 2-Step Microwave Shopping Guide will make it easy for you to find suitable unit.

2 Step Microwave Shopping Guide
Shopping Guides - Microwave Oven Reviews

Microwave Oven Reviews – 3 Things You Should Look At

When it comes to reading microwave oven reviews, how does one sort through all of the information to make a good decision.  In this article, we simplify it for you.  To hasten your shopping, and make it much easier for you, we recommend looking at 3 main points in microwave reviews.

Is a Microwave Convection Oven a Good Investment?

Why are convection microwaves becoming all the rage?  Do they really work?  Are they worth the extra cost?  Find out 3 huge benefits to microwave convection ovens, which may have you considering adding one to your kitchen.

Microwave Shopping - Microwave Convection Ovens
Microwave Shopping Guides - Compact Microwaves

Why you may prefer a Small Microwave Oven

Why would anyone opt for a small microwave oven, when they could have one much larger with more room and features?  Well there are quite a few benefits to compact microwaves which makes them a preference for some.  Are they suited to you?

Is an Over the Range Microwave the Right Choice for You?

Have you heard of an over-the-range microwave oven?  These are becoming increasingly popular, no doubt due to how nice they look in the kitchen and how space-saving they are.  Over the range microwaves sit over your stove-top and are used as a range hood as well as a microwave.  But they come with both benefits and negatives.  Find out if they will work for you.

 Microwave Shopping Tips - Over the Range


3 Microwave Shopping Tips:

Tip 1:  Pick a Style to Suit You

There are a few different styles of microwave ovens available to you.  These include countertop microwave ovens, compact microwave ovens, over-the-range models, and built-in microwaves.

The most popular style you will find is the basic countertop model.  These can range in price based on what features it has and how large it is, but most are usually very affordable.  Countertop microwave ovens, like the name suggests, simply sit on your kitchen counter and you simply plug it in and use.  You will find you have many options with this type of microwave, so it should be very easy to find something you are looking for, which is suitable to your home.  The models come in a few different sizes, with some being very large (can fit large casserole dishes), to some being very compact in size.  These small microwave ovens are actually quite popular as they are very handy for those with space issues.  They are also a big hit in offices and dorm rooms, and often require less power.

A different style of microwave oven is an over-the-range model.  These microwave models sit above your stove and function also as a range hood.  This type of microwave is something to consider if your kitchen is relatively small or you don’t want to use your counter space.  There are both pros and cons to this style of unit, and usually require drilling, so may not be an option for renters.

Another option for your microwave is a built-in.  Built-in microwaves can be quite different to the microwave models you find easily in many stores.  These are usually built into your kitchen, so can cost a lot more.  They can look a little like a built in oven or even a dishwasher in your kitchen, are often quite large, and can look quite appeasing to the eye.  This option obviously isn’t for everyone, as many want the convenience of buy, place, plug in and use.  There is however an alternative, to get the same look with less effort and cost.  And that is to purchase a countertop microwave oven model which comes with a matching trim kit.  With a trim kit, you can built the microwave into your kitchen cabinets and no one will be the wiser.  You get that seamless built in microwave kitchen look.  Trim kits are optional in most cases, and are bought separately.


Tip 2:  Choosing a Size

What size of microwave oven you buy really depends on 2 things, how much room you have and how much you need.  The first refers to how much counter space (or cabinet shelving) you have available for a microwave in your kitchen, keeping in mind other appliances you use often, and leaving space for preparation of meals.  The second point: how much space you need, refers to how much interior space you would like to have in your microwave oven.  Some people really don’t need too much space, as they only use the microwave for cooking and reheating smaller dishes, like bowls and plates.  But you might want to check that the microwave you are looking at, can fit a large plate in easily, as some compact models cannot fit in larger plates.  On the other side of the spectrum, there are microwave models available that can actually fit in 2 dishes at once, as well as larger casserole dishes.  So you may want to keep an eye out for those, if you plan to use your microwave quite frequently and want the extra ease of use.


Tip 3:  Look at Functions & Features

When shopping for a new microwave oven you may want to look at what features it has and what functions it performs.  This is to make sure the microwave will be able to do what you want it to, and perhaps a bit more too, so you can get some extra use out of it.  Functions include basic abilities like cook, reheat and defrost.  And your microwave may have a few different settings it can cook on as well.  This is very helpful when using your microwave to cook a variety of dishes.  Low, medium and high power settings will allow you to choose the amount of power used for each dish, want something in a jiffy?  Cook it for a few minutes on full power.  Cooking something that requires a bit more attention so it isn’t overdone?  Cook it on medium power for a bit longer.  Many microwave recipes will tell you which power setting you should use, but after awhile you will   probably have a knack for figuring out what works best for different dishes.

A more advanced microwave model, often a larger or more expensive model too, usually have extra cooking functions and modes.  An interesting option is the microwave convection oven, which has extra cooking modes such as convection mode, combination mode as well as the standard microwave mode.

Features you may want to look out for are things like smart automatic cooking, keep warm mode, and quick use buttons.

What features a microwave has and what functions it performs can often be the deciding factor when choosing between different microwave models, so it’s a good idea to see what a model offers and ask yourself if it is suitable for you.


Quick Microwave Shopping Guide:

  • Style – Where is it going to be?  What style would suit you best?  Countertop, over-the-range, built-in or compact?
  • Size – Will it fit in your kitchen, where you want it?  Is the interior large enough for your use?
  • Function – Does it do what you want it to?  Cook, heat, defrost, microwave or convection cooking or both?
  • Features – Do you like it’s features?  Will you use them?  Is it missing some you would like?
  • Price – Is it good value for it’s price?  Is it within your budget and affordable to you?
  • Reviews – What are other people saying about it?  Is it reliable?  Are there any problems?
  • Availability – Where are you buying it from?  Is it in stock?  Can it be delivered in time?


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