Microwave Reviews – The Best Microwave Ovens

Are you searching to find the perfect microwave oven for your home?  Never fear!  Our microwave reviews are here to help you!  We’ve done the hard work, and chosen a selection of the best microwave ovens on the market today.  We explain the features, what they can do, what they are good for, who it’s suited to, as well as any pros and cons of the unit.  We also dig deep into user experience, durability, look and function.

If you are looking for a new microwave, simply click on one of the microwave types below to get started.


Microwave Oven Reviews – The Best Units

Countertop Microwave Reviews

Countertop Microwave Ovens

A countertop microwave is your standard type of microwave.  Extremely convenient, and as the name suggests, it sits on your kitchen counter.  From small to large, from simple to fully featured, we show you the best countertop microwave ovens.

Convection Microwave Reviews

Microwave Convection Ovens

Want to be able to microwave foods, bake and brown foods, roast foods and broil foods, all in the one oven?  Check out our favorite microwave convection ovens and start cooking up a storm in no time.

Small Microwave Oven Reviews

Compact Microwave Ovens

Need to squeeze a microwave into a tight space?  Check out our compact microwave reviews to find out which ovens work well, have handy features, and are very affordable.

Over the Range Microwave Reviews

Over-the-Range Microwaves

Want to use your microwave as a range hood as well?  Save lots of kitchen space with an over-the-range microwave oven.  Check out the best over the range microwaves we could find!

Our microwave oven reviews are selected from bestselling popular models which we think are of good value, and are here to help you make an informed decision.  You can then, feel confident and be happy choosing the best microwave oven for your home.

We pick out which microwave ovens we think are top picks for each type of unit.  Click on the type of microwave you are interested in to read in-depth reviews of these great value units.  Whether Countertop, Convection, Compact or Over the Range, there is bound to be a good value microwave which suits your needs.  Also don’t forget you can check out our microwave shopping guides and tips below, to help you through the shopping process, so you can find the perfect microwave for you.

Microwave Shopping Guides - Panasonic NN-SN651W

Tips & Guides for Buying a Microwave

Need a little help shopping for a microwave oven?  Unsure where to start?  Don’t know what to look for?  Follow our microwave shopping guides and tips to head you in the right direction.


Microwave Shopping Guide – How to Find the Best Microwave Oven for You

When trying to find the best microwave suited to you there are a few things you can look out for to help you narrow down your search.  Keep in mind the following points when looking to buy a microwave oven:


Type:  Countertop, Built-in or Over-the-Range Microwaves

The first thing to look at is the type of microwave oven.  Countertop microwaves are the most common type of microwave and are designed to be used on a kitchen counter.  They are also sometimes purchased to be placed into the microwave designed area of kitchen cabinets, so long as the dimensions of the unit are appropriate.  You can also find countertop microwave ovens that come with a built-in kit.  This will enable you to make your countertop unit look like a built-in, by installing it with the kit into your kitchen cabinets.

Another popular type of microwave oven available is the over-the-range microwave.  These are specifically designed to be mounted over your stove top and double as a range hood and often a range light as well.


Microwave Reviews - Panasonic NN-SD681S

Is it big enough for your dishes? But not too big for your kitchen counter?
Panasonic NN-SD681S

Size:  Dimensions & Interior Capacity

Microwave ovens come in quite a few different sizes.  Keep in mind where you will be putting it, and how large you would like the interior to be.

A compact or mini microwave can have anywhere from a 0.5 Cubic Foot to a 0.9 Cubic Foot Capacity.  These are best suited to those with minimal space and are great for small kitchens, dorms and offices.  They usually have minimal features, but are handy for reheating leftovers, heating beverages and cooking frozen dinners.  Check to see if the interior is large enough for a dinner plate, as this will mean you can cook most simple meals.

A mid-sized microwave oven usually has around a 1 – 1.2 Cubic Foot capacity.  This standard sized microwave is well suited to families as well as those who like to cook often using their microwave oven.  You can find these with many of the features found in full-sized  microwaves with almost as much power, but smaller in size.

The largest units are the full or family sized microwave ovens, which usually have a 1.6 – 2.2 Cubic Foot Capacity.  These large units have very spacious interiors, allowing you to cook large casseroles, pizzas and 2 dishes at once.  They also often come with many features such as One-Touch Sensor Cooking, Inverter Turbo Defrosting, Quick Buttons and a large cooking menu.


Microwave Oven Reviews - Sharp Convection Microwave R-930AK

Convection microwave ovens are becoming increasingly popular as you can use them to bake, roast, broil and microwave!
Sharp Convection Microwave R-930AK

Microwave Oven Features & Functions:

Our microwave reviews show that each unit comes with a variety of features.  Check to make sure the unit you buy has all the features you are looking for in a microwave oven.  The features available include One-Touch Sensor Cooking and Reheating, Turbo Defrosting Technology, Quick Buttons such as: a Popcorn key as well as a Quick Minute or Add 30 seconds button.  Keep Warm mode and Delay Start can be found on some of the larger models.

If you are looking for a microwave oven which can also provide the browning of foods such as for baking a cake or roasting, you may be interested in a convection cooking microwave oven.

Whether you are after a simple microwave for reheating meals or a fully featured microwave that can cook almost anything, keep in mind the features available when deciding on a unit.


Power Levels & Wattage:

Microwave ovens for the home usually have anywhere between 600 Watts to 1300 Watts of power.  And it is normally the case that the higher level of wattage the oven has, the more powerful it is.  Meaning the faster your foods will be cooked.

It doesn’t just come down to how fast an oven can cook foods however, it is preferable for foods to be cooked evenly, and not be overcooked therefore drying out your food and ruining its taste.  Also it is most certainly preferable for foods to be defrosted thoroughly without overcooking the edges.  This is where power levels come into play.  Most ovens come with around 10 power levels and allow you to choose the level different foods are cooked.

If the quality of food prepared is very important to you, you may be interested in looking at the range of Panasonic units which include inverter technology.  This technology allows the microwave’s power to step down and operate at low power levels.  Foods cooked or defrosted are done so at the correct temperature resulting in a better quality of food prepared.  This technology is far superior to microwave units which cannot operate at low power levels, and just cycle on and off at 100% power.

Microwave User Interface - Dial on the Panasonic NN-SD797S

A user interface of a dial and buttons feels nice and easy to use.
Panasonic Prestige NN-SD797S


User Interface:  Dial, Buttons or Keypad

When looking through our microwave oven reviews you will find that each microwave has a slightly different interface.  You will find it is usually a choice between solid push down buttons or an electric control panel.  Sometimes you will find a dial is used instead of a numeric keypad which can be preferable and simpler to use for some.


Suitability:  Is it for me?

Suitability plays a very important part of the buying process.  Be sure to buy the best microwave oven for you.  Ask yourself questions such as:  How much space do I have for the oven?  Where do I want to put it?  What sort of dishes do I want to make?  What features and functions do I want?   Would I kind of interface would I prefer to use?


Price:  Is it good value?

Last but not least is the price tag.  Microwave ovens for the home can range anywhere between $45 to upwards of $600, with the most popular models sitting between $70 and $300.  The compact microwaves with simple features are usually around $50-$150.  And the mid and full sized units usually start at around $120 and go upwards from there as you get more features and larger sizes.  Be sure to choose a microwave oven that is within your budget and one that is good value for money.


Research Microwave Reviews

Need help choosing the right microwave?  Our honest reviews list both the pros and cons of the most popular ovens and give you a detailed description of the unit’s functions and features.  That’s right!  We’ve done the work for you.  So you can have a relaxing shopping experience and get started cooking right away!  Have a read through our microwave reviews, weigh up the pros and cons, and find the best microwave oven suited for your needs.