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Microwave RecipesMicrowave recipes can save you a bundle of time cooking in the kitchen.  There are so many dishes which can be cooked in the microwave, you’d be surprised at what you can make.  Cook breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, snacks, side dishes, main dishes, toppings, and treats all in your microwave oven.  On this website we show you many dishes you can cook in your microwave with our microwave recipes, meal ideas and cooking tips.

Find microwave recipes you can use to cook breakfast, main meals and desserts.  Learn to cook healthy meals and vegetables with our healthy microwave recipes and cooking tips.  You can learn basic tasks like how to make microwave oatmeal, or how to properly microwave rice.  Or bring a bit of fun into your kitchen by microwave cooking themed foods for special events and holidays.  Don’t forget to check out our fun cooking ideas as well as our kitchen tips, to help you make the most out of microwave cooking in the kitchen.  And if you ever run out of ideas, we have you covered with our many microwave meal ideas for you to try.

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Microwave Recipes & Cooking Tips

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Microwave Cooking Tips – Safety, Use & Cooking Guides

Become a better chef with our microwave cooking tips.  Learn the basics of microwave cooking with the best cooking methods, safety guidelines, dish use, and mastering different microwave functions.  Get great food results, while maintaining optimal safety, and enjoy effective microwave cooking.

Healthy Microwave Recipes – Healthy Cooking & Eating

It’s important to eat healthy, but cooking healthy meals does not need to be hard.  Healthy microwave cooking is quick, easy and can have really nice results.  Cook delicious foods which are also good for you with healthy microwave recipes, meal ideas and healthy cooking tips.

 Healthy Microwave Recipes
 Breakfast Microwave Recipes

Microwave Breakfast Recipes, Meal Ideas, & Breakfast Tips

Cooking breakfast in the microwave is a lifesaver on those busy mornings.  You can have a hot, yummy and satisfying meal which only takes a few minutes to make.  Make the perfect oatmeal or some breakfast burritos with our microwave breakfast recipes.

Microwave Main Dish Recipes – Making Easy Main Meals

Make cooking your main dinners easy by using your microwave oven.  Whether it’s something simple like pasta or rice, or something a bit more tricky like stuffed peppers or enchiladas.  You can use main meal microwave recipes to speed up your evening cooking.

 Main Meal Microwave Recipes
 Microwave Dessert Recipes

Microwave Dessert Recipes – Sweets and Treats

Treat yourself to a delicious dessert with our microwave dessert recipes.  From mint & chocolate fudge to cheesecake and sweet dessert pies.  Cook sweets & treats quickly and easily with microwave recipes for sweets and desserts.

Microwave Cooking for Holidays & Special Occasions

Have fun cooking with special microwave recipes for holidays, events and special occasions.  Make holidays and events even more special by cooking themed dishes and treats.  Try microwave holiday recipes and themed food ideas for Halloween, Easter, Weddings & other special holidays.

 Hoilday Microwave Cooking


Using Recipes when Microwave Cooking

When cooking in your microwave, it can be helpful to use microwave recipes to assist you.  You may need to adjust cooking times occasionally due to the differences in power found in different microwave models.  But to use microwave recipes as a guide when cooking specific dishes, they are usually very handy.  Use recipes to instruct you and guide you step by step through each process of preparing and cooking, and you can follow recipe ingredients to give you suggestions of what to add.

Remember that you don’t have to follow recipes to the letter.  If you have allergies, have a specific diet, or are trying to make your meal healthier, you can substitute ingredients fairly easily.  For example, full cream milk can be replace with skim milk, almond milk or soy milk, for a lower fat and healthier dish.  And if you prefer one ingredient over another, like strawberries instead of bananas, don’t be afraid to experiment a little with the recipe to make it perfect for your needs.

You will find that when using microwave recipes to cook your foods, your cooking becomes more efficient as microwave cooking usually has a much shorter preparation and cooking time needed.  So get started cooking with ease in the kitchen with our microwave recipes and meal ideas, and you will be a pro cook in no time.