Microwave Oven Reviews – 3 Things You Should Look At

Microwave oven reviews can be extremely helpful when on the search for a new microwave oven. By looking at the reviews of each model it becomes much easier to determine which microwave ovens are of good value and which are not. Whenever we see a product with a large amount of negative reviews we are immediately turned off that product. We all know how helpful that can be; it feels as though you have just dodged a bullet. Thankfully many consumers like to leave good reviews of products they have used, telling us what is best about the unit and what problems they have had. This information is very valuable as it prevents us from buying a poorly constructed or designed item, and leads us to making a wiser purchase, one that hopefully we will be very happy with.

Reading good reviews about a product on top of reading about its features, design and functions makes shopping for a new item a whole lot easier.  You get a much better idea of what the product will be like and negate the worry often associated with buying a new appliance.


Points to Look Out For in Microwave Reviews:

Microwave Oven Reviews - Panasonic NN-CD989S Prestige

Our personal choice for best convection microwave oven goes to the Panasonic NN-CD989S Genius Prestige. A well liked convection microwave among consumers, who love and praise this abundant cooking powerhouse.

Features Liked

When reading consumer microwave reviews keep an eye out for which features are well liked, especially if mentioned in several reviews. Often mentioned is the quality of foods prepared. Do the foods cooked and heated in that particular microwave taste good? You will find some microwaves to have better cooking results than others.

Features such as the Panasonic inverter technology can result in nicer, tastier and better cooked foods. But it is always nice to get the opinions of people who have actually used the oven often.

Also features such as automatic sensor cooking are often commented upon. It is a good idea to try to find out how accurate the automatic cooking features are. If you plan to be using automatic settings often you will want some insight into how well cooked the foods turn out. Are they overcooked, undercooked, or is it just right?

Microwave consumers also love to comment upon how easy the microwave is to use. Any features such as dials, keypads, and quick buttons can make or break the ease of use of the microwave. It is ideal to find a unit which feels intuitive to use and is simple to understand and program.


Any Issues

The best thing about reading microwave oven reviews before purchasing a unit is to find out if consumers have experienced any problems with the unit. You really need to use your common sense here as some users may give a microwave a very low rating because they didn’t personally like something about the model and this can be something very small like the finish or programs offered. It could be that this particular person is just very picky, so when I see a negative comment that may or may not be reasonable I look around at the other consumer reviews to determine if anyone else had the same problem. Sometimes you will find 1 person to dislike a certain aspect of the microwave but 10 people actually love that aspect. So you can then think about what you personally would prefer.

When you find multiple reviews all saying that there is a major issue or fault with the microwave then you can decide whether to take your chances or to look for another unit which has a higher consumer satisfaction. This can be seen very easily by the number of highly rated positive reviews available.


Microwave Oven Reviews - Panasonic NN-SN651B

This low priced mid sized countertop microwave achieved the #1 Best Sellers rank for countertop microwave ovens at Amazon. You can see by the many positive consumer reviews that this is not only a very affordable microwave, it is also reliable, easy to use and works very well.


When looking through several microwave oven reviews always try to keep an eye out for how long the person has owned and been using the microwave for. Often people will write an initial review a week or two after purchase, and then come back 2 years later to let others know how the unit is going. I am very thankful that many consumers take the time to do this.

These types of reviews can show you the reliability and longevity of the model in question and help you to make a better purchase. We all want the products we buy to last as long as possible and not break after a few months or weeks of use.


Shopping for a new microwave oven can be both a fun and overwhelming experience. Thankfully, reading microwave oven reviews of the different models available can really help to quicken this process. It is always nice to get feedback from others who have used the microwave you are looking at. Then you have a much better idea of how it works, its features, the quality of foods produced and any problems that consumers have experienced. And you can find out all of this information out before purchase.


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