Microwave Main Dish Recipes – Making Easy Main Meals

You may be wondering if you can cook main meal recipes in your microwave.  Well of course you can.  Why shouldn’t you!  We all have very busy lives these days, so we need to take advantage of things like the microwave to help us out a little.  Cooking main meals in the microwave, or even cooking part meals, side dishes, toppings etc, saves a bundle of time when cooking in the kitchen.  And the best thing is, no one will even notice the difference.


Microwave Main Meal Recipes:

Main Dish Recipes - Microwave Rice

How to Microwave Rice

Rice is a fantastic staple food to have in your cooking rotation. Rice is a nutritious, very filling and affordable food you really can’t go wrong with. Pair it with leafy green vegetables in a spicy sauce for a  healthy and delicious main meal. You can actually cook rice in your microwave oven and it turns out quite nice. Once you know how to make this staple base of your meal, you can use it to make many main dish recipes. Learn 3 different methods you can use to cook rice in your microwave here:  Rice, Rice, Rice! – How to Cook Rice in your Microwave Oven

Microwave Baked Potato

As a main meal, side dish or snack, a microwave baked potato is a very easy and extremely satisfying dish to make in the microwave.  And it’s delicious!  Microwave cooked baked potatoes are a great idea to have as a cheap, healthy and easy to make dish.  Cook a few to have as a main dish or side it with cooked vegetables.  To get you started, check out our baked potato recipes and meal ideas here:  3 Microwave Baked Potato Recipes & Tips on How to Make the Perfect Microwave Potato

Main Meal Recipes - Microwave Baked Potato
Main Dish Recipes - Enchiladas

Microwave Enchilada Recipes

An easy and satisfying meal which you can make in your microwave, for lunch or dinner, is the tasty dish of enchiladas. The great thing about enchiladas is you can make them to suit any taste bud. Enchiladas can be savory, spicy, made with chili, tomato or cream, and have many vegetarian recipe options. Check out our 4 tasty enchilada recipes, as well as many recipe filling ideas here:  Hot & Tasty Enchiladas – Microwave Enchilada Recipes & Meal Ideas

Microwave Lasagna Recipes

Many enjoy the traditional meal of lasagna but do not have the time to prepare and cook it in the oven.  But you can make homemade lasagna in your microwave!  This tasty main dish can be made very easily, and can be cooked in your microwave oven in just minutes.  Try making your next lasagna in a fraction of the time with our super easy microwave lasagna recipes found here:  How to make Lasagna – Easy Microwave Lasagna Recipes!

Main Meal Recipes - Microwave Lasagna
Main Meal Recipes - Stuffed Peppers

Microwave Stuffed Peppers

Looking for a main dish recipe that doesn’t just taste good, but also looks good?  The visually appealing main meal of stuffed peppers is an interesting, satisfying and tasty dish to serve at a party.  Stuffed peppers are actually quite easy to make, with the majority of the cooking microwaveable.  This light but filling main dish has simple cooking and preparation, and cooks quickly in the microwave.  Learn how to make them yourself here:  Cooking Stuffed Peppers – Microwave Recipes and Filling Ideas

The options are limitless, as you really can come up with so many different microwave main dish recipes.  Try your hand at making your own recipes, experiment with different bases for meals, different flavors of toppings, like spicy or savory?  And try to make it healthier, by keeping the fat low and adding lots of vegetables is always a good idea.


What main dishes can you cook in the microwave?

Well there’s a whole bunch of different main dishes you can cook in your microwave, of you are willing to experiment a little.  You can cook the base for many meals in your microwave, like rice and pasta.  And then you can also cook up whatever you are having with it also in the microwave, like vegetables, beans, or meats.

  • whole grains – rice, quinoa, pasta, rye, and oats
  • vegetables – peas, green beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, carrots, asparagus, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, artichokes, beets, brussel sprouts, and squash
  • beans – canned or dried.  Chickpeas, lentils, black beans, kidney beans, cannellini, pinto beans, borlotti, and fava beans
  • meats – chicken, fish, beef

And what will the end result be?  Well you can really make and dish you choose to.  Make a risotto, your favorite casserole, or try a big vegetable pie.


Use your microwave to help you out with sides, gravies and more.

Even if you can’t cook your entire main dish in the microwave, you can use it to defrost, melt, heat and cook parts of dishes.  Why not try cooking your gravy in the microwave, or your veggies.  Any way you can save yourself a little bit of time when cooking is helpful.  It’s funny how when doing all the little tasks needed when cooking, can take what you thought would be 15-30 minutes spent in the kitchen, to over an hour!  Save yourself some time, and starting using your microwave to help you out.

Some microwave ovens are even large enough to fit very large cooking dishes, or two medium sized dishes in at once.  This enables you to cook large main dishes in the microwave, as well as multitasking as you juggle several dishes at once, as you prepare, melt, combine, heat or cook.


Enjoy choosing to make your main dishes in the microwave.  Now you have more free time to spend doing something you enjoy.  And if you end up making too much of a dish, pop it in the fridge overnight, and heat the leftovers in the microwave for lunch the next day.  That’s another meal covered!


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