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There’s so many dishes you can cook in the microwave, once you know how!
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Learning to be a pro at microwave cooking is easy with a little bit of information and of course practice.  But before you can become a pro you need to learn the basics.  If you are new to using a microwave, or a bit rusty, the first things you will need to know are the basic safety guidelines for operation.  These include only using microwave-safe dishes, and not placing any metal or foam in the microwave.

You will also need to know general cooking tips.  Although this does vary from dish to dish, there are some very easy steps you can take to ensure your foods will be cooked evenly and thoroughly.  These include stopping the microwave to stir or rotate dishes, not overcooking foods as they will go dry or burn, and when to allow room for steam to escape a container or food.


Microwave Cooking Guidelines

On this page you will find a collection of our articles that can answer some of your questions about microwave usage, safety and cooking.  We endeavor to get to the the bottom of important questions, as well as discover the best ways to cook different foods.

You can find important microwave safety procedures you can do to prevent any mishaps when using the microwave, and to prevent burns.  Find out which dishes you can and can’t use in a microwave oven.  Tips for perfecting your cooking in the microwave, cutting foods evenly, and allowing for steam to escape in certain dishes.  And we will also show you different functions your microwave can do, which you may not be aware of, such as several food preparation procedures and sterilizing.


Microwave Safety:

Microwave-safe Dishes

Which Dishes and Items are Microwave-safe?

Find out which dishes and items are microwave-safe and which are not.  It’s better to be safe than sorry, and stick to using only microwave-safe dishes, utensils and packaging.  Follow our quick microwave dish check list before cooking.

Microwave Oven Safety Tips for Everyday Use

Microwave safety is easy but extremely important.  Learn how to avoid burns and prevent fires with these easy but effective guidelines.  Play it safe, and follow these simple tips to ensure safe microwave use every time you use it.

Microwave Cooking - Safety Tips


Microwave Cooking:

Microwave Cooking Tips

Start Microwaving Guide: Basic Microwave Cooking Tips

Get started cooking quickly with our basic microwave cooking guide.  Follow 4 simple steps to ensure your cooking is safe, efficient and will have delicious results.

Are the nutrients in foods and vegetables destroyed when you microwave?

There is some worry that the nutrients in vegetables are destroyed when you microwave.  This article explains nutrient loss in cooking and shows the best cooking methods for preventing this loss.

Microwave Cooking - Nutrients
Microwave Oven Functions 3 Different Things Your Microwave Oven Can Do

Your microwave can do more than just reheat leftovers and make microwave frozen dinners.  Find out what other cool functions your microwave can do.


Microwave Basics – Quick Start Guide

  • Always use microwave-safe dishes, papers and plastics in your microwave.
  • Don’t use metal or foam in the microwave.
  • Make sure prepackaged foods are microwave-safe or remove the packaging.
  • Keep your microwave clean.
  • Always use caution when removing hot foods from the microwave.
  • Allow for steam escape by having a gap in microwaveable coverings, or by poking holes in the skins of vegetables like potatoes.
  • Try not to overcook your meals.
  • Stirring and rotating dishes can help to cook your meal more evenly.
  • You can cut foods into smaller pieces for faster and even cooking.


We hope you find these articles and tips on microwave safety and usage guidelines, meal preparation and microwave cooking tips, useful in preparing you for cooking in your microwave oven.  We will add more articles here whenever we discover something new or something we find interesting to add that may help you out.  Have fun cooking in your microwave, and become an expert in no time, and always follow microwave safety guidelines.


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