Microwave Cooking for Holidays & Special Occasions

Microwave cooking for holidays and special occasions is not only handy it is also very fun!

You may not think to use the microwave oven on holidays or special occasions, but why not!   On holidays and special events, the last thing you want to be doing is spending all your day in the kitchen cooking.  So use your microwave, save a bundle of time, and spend your day enjoying the event and time spent with your loved ones.  And even though you are being efficient, doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun with cooking by making interesting dishes or themed foods.  Just because you are using the microwave to cook, doesn’t mean there aren’t hundreds of different dishes you could prepare.  So have a bit of fun with it, and enjoy your holiday and your food!

Cook almost any dish for your special event!  From entrees, to sides, main meals and desserts, a large amount of your cooking for your holiday can be done using your microwave oven.  Don’t forget about the extra handiness when doing preparation too.  Cook, heat, melt, combine, defrost, and reheat, all in your microwave oven.


Microwave Holiday Recipes & Event Meal Ideas:

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On holidays and special occasions, you don’t want to be spending all your day in the kitchen, and miss out on the fun!  Spend more time with your family and friends, and enjoy your holiday more, simply by cooking a few (or all!) of your dishes in the microwave instead.  Your microwave oven can save you time and also comes in really handy if you are short on time.  The amount of time needed to prepare and cook a meal can be reduced significantly if you have a good microwave oven to use.

Making themed food is a great and fun idea on holidays and special occasions.  It adds a special touch to your event, and can make it more memorable.  Use special ingredients, colors, decorations, and shapes to add a themed and unique look to your cooking.  Lots of themed foods, especially snacks or desserts can be very easily cooked by using your microwave oven.  So start the fun, get the family involved, and get creative as you make dishes to match your special event.

Often on a holiday you may need to cook for a larger amount of people, as friends and family come over to visit.  This is where your microwave can really help you out.  You don’t need to spend hours cooking for so many people, just use your microwave to assist you.  Use either on it’s own, or with other appliances to allow you to make multiple meals at once.


Microwave Cooking Tips for Events & Special Occasions


What can you cook in your microwave for special occasions?

Microwave Cooking for Holidays

You wouldn’t believe you can actually bake cookies and cakes in your microwave if you own a microwave convection oven.
Shaped or decorated cookies, cakes and treats are always popular on the holidays!

What can you prepare in the microwave for holidays and events?  The answer is almost anything! What cant you cook?  And if you are lucky enough to own a convection microwave oven, the answer becomes:  you can cook “everything”.  Almost any dish that you can prepare yourself at home, over the stove or in the oven, can usually be changed a little to be either fully cooked or partly cooked in your microwave oven.  You may need to do though, do a little changing of ingredients, preparation methods, and cooking times.  Following a microwave cooking recipe is a big help, even if it is just used as a guideline for a similar dish.

You can cook entrees, sides, gravies, desserts, main meals, vegetables and even meats in your microwave for special occasions.  Dishes such as soups, potato casserole, and especially desserts or sweets like dessert pies, mousse or brownies, are all easily cooked using only your microwave oven.  And with a little research you will find larger meals can also be cooked using the microwave, you just need to find the recipe.

Also it can be very handy, just to use the microwave to help in your preparation to cook.  Melting, mixing, and combining ingredients can be done a lot easier by throwing it in the microwave instead of in the oven or over the stove.  You can also simply use your microwave for defrosting or reheating dishes which you have prepared ahead of time.  And that’s handy to have on hand.

But even if you just use your microwave for your sides, gravies, and desserts you will be surprised how many dishes can be cooked in the microwave oven.


Why use your microwave to cook holiday & event food?

Saves you time

Holiday Microwave Recipes - Pumpkin Soup

Soup is a great easy dish you can make in your microwave for entrees or main meals on holidays.
Try pumpkin soup for Halloween or Thanksgiving!

Using your microwave to cook meals for special occasions frees up large amounts of time.  This time can be better spent really enjoying and cherishing the holiday.  You can watch your kids play or open presents, and spend time with your loved ones.  Less cooking time needed, gives you more time to relax and enjoy the holiday.  Spend less time in the kitchen and have some fun!

Allows you to cook multiple meals using both your microwave and oven

Cooking dishes in your microwave oven, actually frees up your regular oven for more use.  This allows you to cook one or two dishes in your microwave and another dish in your oven simultaneously.  This improves your cooking efficiency and again saves you time.  You can also cook sides or gravies in the microwave instead of on your stove top, freeing up another cooking method for a different dish.  Become a kitchen pro as you juggle multiple dishes in record time, cutting down the amount of time spent in the kitchen significantly.

Can be a lifesaver

Microwave recipes can be an absolute lifesaver in situations where you are short on time.  For instance, if at the last minute before a planned dinner, party or special occasion, there is a change in plans.  If there is a change in venue or the restaurant you had planned to go to is full or closed, and there are no other options.  Everyone is suddenly coming to your place!  You have to very quickly cater for a whole lot of people.  And whether it is a small family birthday dinner, or a huge Christmas party, do not panic.  There is no need to worry as most meals and dishes can be made a lot faster and a lot easier by using your microwave oven.  This is why it is a good idea to have a few microwave recipes and ingredients on hand, should such an occasion arrive.


Making Themed food

Use your imagination to get creative and theme your holiday food.  Whether its Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s day, or for a birthday or a wedding, you can make themed food to suit the occassion.  It’s also a great way to get the family involved in cooking.  Creating themed foods really adds a nice special touch to the event when you go to this extra effort, and it’s totally fun to do!

How to theme your food

Holiday Microwave Cooking - Decoration

There are many ways to theme your holiday microwave dishes.
Make toppings and icings holiday themed, use holiday themed ingredients or turn your desserts into themed shapes!

There are many ways to theme your food, you can use special colors, such as making green icings for your Halloween desserts, or you can make a cake the shape of a heart for Valentine’s Day.  Lots of people really get into the spirit at Christmas time by making gingerbread cookies and special Christmas cake.  Don’t forget that certain ingredients also tend to have a theme, such as cherries and fruits in cakes on Christmas, or the use of pumpkins on both Thanksgiving and Halloween, not to mention all the chocolate recipes for Easter time!

Making microwave cooked themed food

And why not use the microwave to help you with your party cooking. When your guests are eating food that looks like brains and bugs (for Halloween of course), I don’t think they will notice that it was prepared in the microwave and not the regular oven.  Plus when cooked the right way, you cannot notice a difference in taste between microwave cooked foods and oven cooked dishes.  And there are plenty of different microwave recipes you can use to make your special themed food, to make it that much easier.


Decorating and preparing for a party can be just as fun as the party itself.  When decorating, don’t just decorate the house, decorate the food!  From table settings to food made in shapes, to special icings.  And if you are having a theme or costume party it simply makes sense!  Everything is decorated, the people in costumes, the house decorations and table settings, you can’t leave out the food!  Guests at your party will notice the themed food, as its always a big hit, people love it, and it gets everyone more into the spirit of enjoying the holiday, whether it be Halloween or Christmas.


Cooking for Large Groups

Cooking for a lot of people can be very overwhelming, especially for those who have not done it before.  When cooking for a party you usually have to cook many dishes for a large amount of people.  You might be serving a buffet, or a full course meal to a large dinner gathering.  You will want a lot of different dishes and options to satisfy each individual’s taste buds, and also may want to offer dishes to cater for certain diets such as vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free.  If it’s a smaller gathering and you know everyone attending, it may be worthwhile to give them each a call to ask if they are on special diet.  Just to make sure everyone is happy and able to enjoy the food provided.

Get help from your microwave.

Microwave Holiday Recipes

If you need to make a lot of treats for a holiday or special occasion, why not make microwave fudge!
It’s easy to make and you can add a holiday theme to it by decorating.

Cooking for large gatherings can be hard work, especially on your own.  This is why it is a good idea to use your microwave to help take some of the pressure off.  It can save you hours of time, and at the same time, it frees up the use of your oven, so you can make multiple dishes at once.

You may not realize that a lot of dishes, in fact most dishes, including large main meals, can be cooked entirely or at least partly in the microwave.  Many forget how handy their microwave is, or have this idea that using the microwave is cheating somehow.  But you have to realize when everyone comes over they will be enjoying the celebrations, the holiday, and the great company, and of course the great food.  They will not even know or notice the difference.

And when you use good microwave recipes, you can make some really delicious and interesting dishes.  You may notice you get lots of compliments for the food at your party.  When your friends ask you for the recipe, tell them and also add that you made it in your microwave oven with a smile!  Your surprised friends will see how relaxed you are on the holiday, and may just decide to use their microwave more often when cooking for their next party or holiday event.


The most important thing on special occasions and holidays is to, enjoy yourself!  Enjoy the day, enjoy the food, and enjoy the time spent with your friends and family.  If using your microwave oven can help you out a bit, and save you some effort and time, then I think it’s a fantastic idea.  The food will still be great, and you’ll get to enjoy your day even more!


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