Is a Microwave Convection Oven a Good Investment?

Those of us who love to cook at home in our kitchens are often on the lookout for new appliances or any appliance or tool that may help us in our cooking efforts. Cooking speed, efficiency, and great tasting foods are all things we strive for to be better cooks, and when we see something that may aid us in our task, we love to jump on-board to discover what this new appliance or tool is, and will it really help us. Will it be a worthwhile investment? And will it help me to be a better cook? Will I cook faster and great tasting meals with this tool? We ask ourselves these questions to determine if a product is really worth buying or if it is just some fad or flavor of the month we can do without. Today, we are going to look at the microwave convection oven to determine if this appliance is a good investment.


What are the benefits of a Convection Microwave?


Microwave Convection Oven Benefits - Sharp R-930CS

The Sharp R-930CS Microwave Convection Oven has Convection Cooking, Convection & Microwave Automatic Mix Cooking, Compu Broil, Roast & Bake Cooking, Smart Sensor Automatic Cooking, AND Multi-Sequence Cooking!
So many features in this powerhouse of a microwave. What can’t you cook?!


A convection microwave works as a microwave oven but also as a convection oven. This adds a lot of convenience to your kitchen. Instead of having to use your conventional oven whenever you want to bake something or roast something, you have the option of being able to use your microwave to cook those foods instead. This can come in extremely handy when cooking large dinners with a lot of sides, as you are able to cook using the oven, stove and microwave simultaneously. And as you can use your microwave for convection cooking, it is almost like having 2 ovens in your kitchen to use at the same time. Roasting vegetables in your microwave whilst you cook a chicken in the oven sounds very convenient. Want to bake a cake for dessert but the oven is being used for dinner? Just use your microwave convection oven instead.


Time Saving

When cooking in the kitchen the microwave convection oven saves us on time. The convenience offered by being able to cook both in your oven and your convection microwave simultaneously saves on time spent cooking in the kitchen. You won’t need to wait till one part of the meal is done cooking in the oven, to cook the next dish. Instead use convection only cooking in your microwave and roast those veggies, or broil that fish on the side. The convenience offered with a convection microwave is not the only way it helps to save on time however. The actual cooking process can be sped up. The majority of microwave convection oven models have what is called a combination mode. In this mode, convection cooking is sped up by being combined with microwave cooking. What would take you 30 minutes to cook in your oven, may only take you 15 in your convection microwave. The best thing about this feature is that the result of the foods cooked is not diminished. There are some foods which are better to be cooked only using convection heating, but the majority of foods can be combined with microwave cooking speed without any loss to the quality of the food produced.


Microwave Convection Oven - Built in - Panasonic NN-CD989S

Like some countertop microwaves, the Panasonic NN-CD989S Genius Prestige Convection Microwave Convection Oven can be used as a built-in microwave oven.
Build it into a stylish spot in your kitchen, showing off the monster appliance that it is!

Taste of Foods

The taste of the foods we cook is probably the most important aspect to cooking. Who wants to cook or eat for that matter, foods that do not taste good? So when we consider adding a microwave convection oven to our kitchen we have to consider the quality and taste of the foods produced. We do not want our meals to be diminished in any way by switching to cooking in a convection microwave instead of a standard oven. When looking at a convection model to purchase, consider the reviews of other consumers and what they have to say about the taste of foods cooked. I find with the most popular bestselling units the taste of foods prepared was praised very highly. Some even suggested that baked foods tasted better cooked in their convection microwave than in their normal oven, as it didn’t dry out and was very moist. Take this into consideration when choosing which meals to cook in your regular oven, which to cook in the convection only cooking mode in your microwave, and which to cook using combination convection and microwave methods.



Adding a microwave convection oven to your kitchen seems to me like a very good investment. You don’t have to stop using your normal oven, but having this appliance available to use in conjunction is extremely convenient. A convection microwave can be used when you want to cook something in a shorter amount of time, or for when you want to be more efficient when cooking larger meals. So whether you want to cook a muffin in a hurry, roast veggies on the side, or prepare an entire dinner using only your microwave, a microwave convection oven is a great appliance to have.


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