Microwave Breakfast Recipes, Meal Ideas, & Breakfast Tips

Microwave Breakfast RecipesWe often are told over and over, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but when it comes down to everyday life, many people actually skip breakfast entirely.  Having enough time to eat, let alone cook, is often a factor when it comes to having breakfast in the morning.  But we must make the time for this very important meal.  How can we concentrate in the morning, and be our best selves, when we have no food to give us energy?  So what should we do?  We should make our breakfast in the microwave!

Some mornings you may not feel like just having cold cereal, or you have run out of fruit to make yourself a smoothie, this is where microwave breakfast recipes really come in handy.  It pays to always have something in your fridge or in your pantry, you can just throw in the microwave when you are in a rush.  It is certainly better than not eating at all, as a satisfying breakfast really goes a long way to making you feel good and enjoy your day.


Microwave Breakfast Recipes

Microwave breakfast recipes are usually super easy to make, you can even prepare the meal the night before if you prefer, pop it in a covered bowl in the fridge and simply heat it up in the microwave in the morning.  Cooking in the microwave also uses less dishes, which is a big plus for me, as I don’t like coming home to a sink full of dirty dishes.  It’s quick, it’s easy, and sometimes it is really nice to enjoy a nice and hot cooked breakfast.

Microwave Breakfast Oatmeal Recipes

Microwave Oatmeal Recipes

Start your day off with a hot, yummy breakfast by cooking yourself a delicious bowl of microwave oatmeal.  An oatmeal breakfast is extremely satisfying, tasty and gives you lots of energy for the day.  Check out some of our favorite oatmeal microwave recipes, Banana Bread, Banana Berry & Apple Cinnamon here:  3 Microwave Oatmeal Recipes to Kickstart Your Day

Over 40 Ways to Spice up your Oatmeal Breakfast

If you like oatmeal, but want to keep it interesting, you can vary it up.  There are many ways to bring new taste to your oatmeal breakfast.  You can add spices, fresh or dried fruit, berries, nuts, sweeteners like maple syrup or brown sugar, or add a topping.  You can even use different types of oats, as well as different milks.  Try your hand at making your own oatmeal recipe by having a look at our:  Make the Perfect Oatmeal Breakfast with 40+ Recipe Ideas!

Microwave Breakfast Recipes - Oatmeal
Breakfast Recipes - Burritos

Breakfast Burrito Recipes

To start your day with something a bit different, why not try breakfast burritos. This super tasty breakfast is not only satisfying, it is also fun. And the varieties of fillings are endless, so it makes it easy to suit it to your taste buds. To get you started, have a look at these 2 breakfast recipes and burrito cooking guide here:  How to Make Breakfast Burritos – Microwave Recipes


So what breakfast can you make in the microwave?


Oats are what I like to call the “perfect breakfast”.  They are incredibly satisfying, you never have to fear you will be hungry soon afterwards, after eating oatmeal.  They are also incredibly healthy.  Latest research shows that grains like oats are full of the nutrients and energy we need in our bodies, without any of the bad stuff.  As long as you don’t pile cream or yogurt on top, or add fat to it in other ways, you should be good.  Stick to adding fruits (berries work great!) and spices like cinnamon, don’t go overboard with things like nuts, and try cooking them in water or a low fat milk like skim, soy or almond.


Microwave Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Delicious Oatmeal Muffins

Microwave Oven Breakfast Ideas:

  • breakfast burritos
  • breakfast muffins
  • omelet
  • buckwheat
  • quinoa
  • breakfast cookie
  • granola
  • quiche
  • chopped potatoes
  • french toast
  • scrambled or poached eggs

Try to keep your breakfast as healthy as possible, and definitely don’t skip it!  Eat well in the morning to feel good during the day.  And by using your microwave, you can do this both quickly and easily!


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