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Your microwave oven is a great time saving tool, with it you can prepare a fully cooked main meal in just minutes and save yourself a ton of effort in the kitchen.  But your microwave can be more than just a quick cooking machine, you can turn it into a healthy quick cooking machine.  This can be done simply be choosing to cook healthier foods and by using healthy recipes in your microwave when you use it for either breakfast, lunch or dinner.  By just adding some vegetables to your meal, you immediately make it healthier, and the same goes when you omit certain foods which are greasy or oily.  See our quick healthy cooking tips below to get you started, and check out our articles on how to cook healthy microwave meals, with recipes and tips.


Healthy Microwave Recipes & Healthy Cooking Tips:

Healthy Recipes - Microwave Rice

A Simple & Healthy Bowl of Rice

You can’t go wrong with a nutritious and delicious bowl of rice.  Mix with vegetables to make a healthy and satisfying meal.  Learn how to cook rice in your microwave with rice cooking tips & methods here:  How to Cook Microwave Rice – 3 Microwave Rice Cooking Methods Revealed!

Cooking Delicious & Nutritious Pumpkin

Cook & eat pumpkin on it’s own, as a side dish, or use it as a main ingredient in a meal.  This unique vegetable is not only healthy, but it is very versatile it’s use.  It also tastes amazing.  Learn 4 different ways to cook pumpkin and tips on how to buy, store and cook pumpkin here:  4 Pumpkin Cooking Methods & Pumpkin Tips

Healthy Cooking - Pumpkin
Healthy Microwave Recipes - Baked Potato

Healthy Microwave Baked Potato Recipes

For a quick and easy to make healthy meal, why not try a baked potato.  This cheap and nutritious vegetable tastes great and is very filling.  Check out our tips on how to make the perfect microwave baked potato and 3 healthy microwave recipes here:  The Microwave Baked Potato – A Healthy, Easy & Satisfying Snack

 A Healthy Breakfast – The Perfect Oatmeal

An easy, healthy microwave recipe is a hot bowl of oatmeal.  The fast and nutritious oatmeal breakfast is a great way to start the day and will keep you satisfied.  Add extra nutrients by adding fruits, berries or nuts.  Find many healthy oatmeal recipe ideas here:  Make the Perfect Oatmeal Breakfast with 40+ Recipe Ideas!

Healthy Oatmeal Recipe Ideas
Healthy Microwave Recipes - Oatmeal

Microwave Oatmeal Healthy Recipes

Want to start off your day with a hot, yummy breakfast which is also good for you?  Look no further than a delicious bowl of oatmeal which will sustain you.  Fuel your body in the morning with these healthy microwave recipes for hot oatmeal here:  3 Microwave Oatmeal Recipes: Banana Bread, Banana Berry & Apple Cinnamon


What are some healthy foods you can cook in your microwave oven?

There are many healthy foods which can be cooked in the microwave.  You can cook almost any vegetable, from peas and corn, to broccoli and cauliflower, to carrots and potatoes.  You can also cook legumes like chickpeas, lentils and black beans in the microwave.  You could make a tasty Indian curry with chickpeas, peas and potato cubes on rice, or simple cook a whole potato (pierce before cooking).  You can actually cook all the main grains in your microwave oven, like rice, quinoa and pasta, making it a super easy cooking method for all your main food staples.

And don’t forget about breakfast!  A very healthy and yummy hot breakfast for many people is a hot bowl of oatmeal.  Place oats in a bowl, add water, add some fruit (berries taste amazing, and it’s easy to store frozen berries for when you need them), and add some spices like cinnamon if you like, or seeds like flax seeds, then cook in the microwave for 3-5 minutes depending on the oats used and how large the bowl is.


Healthy Microwave Cooking Tips:

  • Add vegetables to your meal – You can never get enough veggies.  Vegetables have all the good stuff you want to get in them, and nothing of the bad.  Add them to as much as you can to make your meal healthier.  Very tasty vegetables you can try include peas, carrots, corn, broccoli, spinach, tomato and many more.  And don’t forget about potatoes!  Sweet potatoes in particular cooked in the microwave, turn out extremely sort and delicious, and you don’t even need to add anything to them.
  • Keep the fat low – Often at times when we cook a meal, we sometimes add all this fat that we really don’t need to.  Oil, butter, cheese, eggs and meats, add a lot of unnecessary fat to your meal.  You can find many healthier alternatives to using these ingredients, eggs for example can be replaced with some mashed potato or banana, or ground flax seed and water.  Instead of using a cheesy sauce, use a cauliflower sauce, it even looks similar, but tastes better and using it with drastically reduce your fat intake.  If you have a very meat heavy diet, you may want to switch it out for some lentils or beans, to further reduce the fat, and get extra nutrients as well as protein and fiber.
  • Skip the salt – Do we really need to add extra salt to everything?  Many experience a lot of bloating and often swelling of the body, especially around the feet and ankles when consuming too much sodium.  Too much salt can also result in fatigue, not too mention that salt makes you eat a lot more of unhealthy foods than you normally would.  As it makes foods moreish and is actually quite addictive.  When a person stops eating so much salt, their taste buds completely change, foods taste bland at first, but after a few days, everything tastes great again, and if you were to add the salt back in, then it starts tasting bad.  Amazing isn’t it.  It is very easy to replace salt with herbs, and it works for almost any meal, including foods like baked potato and french fries.  Herbs I like include:  basil, rosemary, chives, oregano, garlic, sage, parsley, and thyme, but they are many more.  Try some out!


It is very easy to make healthy meals in your microwave.  Do a tiny bit of research to help you or grab a healthy microwave recipe.  And remember, that you can change ingredients in recipes to make the meals a whole lot healthier.  It’s your health, and your body, change to recipe to suit your needs.  Lastly don’t forget, even though you are making fast food, it doesn’t have to be junk food!  That’s the beauty about cooking your own meals at home.  Happy healthy eating!


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