Daewoo KOR6L0B 600 Watt Compact Microwave Review

If you are looking for a very compact microwave oven for a small space or are trying to find a low wattage unit, you may very well be interested in the Daewoo KOR6L0B 0.7 Cubic Feet Compact Microwave.  This unit may be small in size but it has some nice features which make it a very useful microwave to have around.  It has automatic food cooking options for bread, soup, and baked potato, as well as for both fresh and frozen vegetables.  It also has a defrosting feature.  As well as its features this 0.7 Cubic Foot capacity, 600 Watt oven looks cute, operates quietly and is described by its owners as very useful.

Daewoo KOR6L0B 0.7 Cubic Feet Compact Microwave

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Review of the Daewoo KOR6L0B Compact Microwave

0.7 Cubic Feet, 600 Watt

Compact Countertop Microwave in White



  • Compact
  • 0.7 Cubic Foot Capacity
  • 600 Watts of Power
  • 10 Power Levels
  • Automatic Cooking for 5 Menu Items:  Bread, Soup, Baked Potato, Fresh Vegetable and Frozen Vegetable
  • Auto Defrost
  • 59 min 90 second Cooking Timer
  • Measurements:  Approximate exterior dimensions:  17.6 inches wide by 10.6 inches high by 12.8 inches deep
  • Approximate interior dimensions:  10.75 inches wide by 10.75 inches deep by 6.75 inches high
  • Weight:  10 pounds


Customer Reviews:

Rated on Amazon at 4 and 5/5 stars, with over 40 positive reviews, owners of the Daewoo KOR6L0B Compact Microwave are very happy with both the usefulness and performance of this unit.  It is described as a “nice small microwave” which has many features, is quiet to operate and works well.  Owners also appreciate its appearance and very low cost.

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Let’s have a look at both the pros and cons of the Daewoo KOR6L0B Compact Microwave:

Pros:Daewoo KOR6L0B - Control Panel
  • Very useful – Owners found this unit to be very useful, sufficient and had enough power for their needs.
  • Nice small size – Owners seek this particular model due to its small compact size.  It’s a good option for those with limited space, such as for small counters, corners, offices, dorms or a boat.  Be sure to check the measurements to see if it will fit where you need it to be.
  • Many features – For a small microwave oven it has quite a few nice features including automatic cooking options as well as defrosting.
  • Is quiet – This unit is quiet whilst in operation and it beeps 3 times at the end of its cycle.  These beeps are not too loud or too long like on some other models.
  • Looks good – The appearance of this microwave is well liked and it is described as “cute”.
  • Works well – Owners have been happy with the performance of the Daewoo KOR6L0B and state that is works well.
  • 600 Watts – A great option for those looking for a low wattage model so as to not blow any circuits.
  • Cheap price – Considering how affordable the Daewoo KOR6L0B is owners have been very happy with the product.


  • Small – But that is kind of the point of purchasing a compact 0.7 capacity microwave.
  • Longer cooking times as it is only 600 Watts.
  • The interior is too small to fit large dinner plates.  A standard dinner plate (around 10-10.5 inches in diameter) can just fit.
  • The front glass is quite difficult to see through to see your food cooking, making it harder to check when foods are ready.
  • The interior light only comes on whilst the microwave is in use.  It does not come on when opening the door.



Daewoo KOR6L0B Compact Microwave Oven
The Daewoo KOR6L0B 0.7 Cubic Feet Compact Microwave is a good choice for those needing a compact microwave oven to fit into a small space.  It also has a very low wattage of 600 Watts, making it perfect for those with power shortage concerns.

Even though it is small and can only fit a standard dinner plate, it still has quite a lot of features including automatic cooking options and defrosting.  This makes it quite a nice and useful little microwave oven.  Owners are happy with the performance of this unit, and appreciate its very low cost.  A great choice for those wanting a good working and useful little microwave.


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