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A microwave convection oven is the perfect kitchen appliance for busy households.  Forget the oven.  You can cook almost anything you would cook in a conventional oven in a convection microwave instead.  But when cooking in a microwave convection oven, it is so much faster.  Some people love using it so much that they rarely use their conventional oven at all.  The convection microwave is simply handier, quicker to use, and the results are just as good.

Whether you want to bake cakes and muffins, roast vegetables and meats, or broil fish, the convection microwave can do it, and it can do it well.  Not only can you use a convection microwave to cook many foods normally cooked in traditional ovens, and not only are these foods cooked a lot faster, but they also taste incredibly great.  You would think you may have to sacrifice some quality and taste for foods cooked so easily, but it’s just not the case.  Foods cooked in microwave convection ovens maintain their moistness and flavor, and taste delicious.  Just like cooking something in a normal oven.

Microwave convection ovens are finally showing that microwaves can do the tasks that ovens have been traditionally used for.  It is an extremely handy appliance to have and once you get the hang of using one you may just find you can’t live without it!


The Best Convection Microwave Ovens:


The Panasonic Genius Prestige Sensor Convection Microwave Oven NN-CD989S
1.5 Cubic Foot, 1100 Watt
Inverter Technology & Full Stainless Steel

Our top pick of the best convection microwaves available is the Panasonic Genius Prestige NN-CD989S.  With 1100 Watts of cooking power and a 15 inch turntable you can cook large items in this oven and you can cook them super fast.  Features include inverter technology (for even cooking), turbo defrosting and one-touch sensor cooking and reheating.

But what makes this oven stand above other Panasonic Inverter ovens, is its ability to convection cook, and boy does it convection cook well.  Cook in microwave mode, bake mode, broil mode or a combination mode.  You can cook pretty much anything in this super oven, and it delivers great results.  Read our in-depth review of the Panasonic Genius here.


The Sharp Convection Microwave
1½ Cubic Feet, 900 Watt
Black R-930AK, White R-930AW, Stainless Steel R-930CS

A very popular option and great value option in convection microwave ovens is the Sharp Convection Microwave R-930AK.  With a roomy interior, and many program settings, this full sized convection microwave is intuitive and easy to use.  The best thing about this oven is its ability to cook so many different types of foods, the choices are almost endless.  You are given many different options for cooking foods also.

It has convection, microwave, automatic mix (combination of convection and microwave), broiling, and many instant sensor functions for automatic cooking including Compu: Broil/Roast/Bake/Defrost.  You just pick a cooking method and away you go, delicious results made easy.  Read our full review of the Sharp Convection Microwave here.


What is a Convection Microwave?

You may be wondering what exactly a convection microwave is.  Well a convection microwave oven offers you the ability to both microwave foods and convection cook foods in the one appliance.  So it’s kind of like a 2 in 1 deal, an oven and a microwave in one.  So you can use a convection microwave just as you would normally use any microwave oven, to cook or heat up foods quickly as well as to defrost foods.  The difference with a convection microwave is that you can also use it for convection cooking, just like you would use your conventional oven.  This means you can bake, brown, roast, and even broil foods.

Convection cooking works by circulating hot air inside of the oven.  This is how it is able to bake and brown foods.  When broiling, intense heat is forced fast into your foods, enabling it to maintain its juices and flavor.  Some models have a mode which combines both microwave and convection cooking.  This way of cooking allows you to cook fast using convection cooking (i.e. baking, browning, and roasting), but at a fast microwave operating speed.

Sometimes people worry that the heated air circulating whilst cooking the foods will result in drying out the foods.  But that simply isn’t the case.  In fact it is the opposite.  Foods cooked turn out very moist, the juices and flavor of the foods are maintained and the result is amazingly delicious.

The taste, texture, temperature, moistness and color in foods cooked in a convection microwave, is just like what you would receive from cooking in a regular conventional oven.


What Can You Cook in a Microwave Convection Oven?

In a microwave convection oven you can cook almost all of the foods you would cook in a conventional oven but with the advantage of cooking them in a much quicker time.  Forget the regular oven; you can now cook an entire meal just using your convection microwave.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts can all be cooked in a microwave convection oven.  The best thing is though is the foods cooked in the convection microwave taste just as good as they would just coming out of the oven.

So what exactly can you cook using a convection microwave?  Well how many foods can you think of!  Hehe, it really is that impressive.  You can bake cakes, muffins, biscuits, brownies, breads, cornbread, and pizzas, or roast vegetables, whole chicken, meatloaf, beef roast and slowly roasted steak.  You can even broil fish or slowly cook black beans.  As I said, the amount of foods you can cook in this type of unit really is impressive, and it really just comes down to your imagination of how many different foods you can think of.

As you can cook so many different types of foods, why not have some fun trying out lots of new recipes and meal ideas in your new microwave convection oven.

Bake Breadconvection-microwave-baked-bread Bake Muffinsconvection-microwave-cooking-muffins
Cook a Pizzaconvection-cooking-pizza Roast Vegetables

microwave convection oven - roast vegetables


The Advantages of a Convection Cooking Microwaves:

A convection microwave oven can be the most convenient appliance in your whole kitchen.  These days you can cook so much more in the microwave than you could years ago.  The quality, the taste, and the texture of foods cooked in microwave ovens has increased dramatically.  Many of the newer models are able to keep the juices and flavors in foods (especially those with inverter technology) whilst still having the convenience of being cooked quickly in a microwave.  And then you have the microwave convection oven.  This brings the quality of foods cooked and the amount of different foods you can cook in your microwave to a whole new level.  In a microwave convection oven you can not only microwave as normal, but you can bake, brown and even broil foods, just like you could with a conventional oven.

With a convection microwave oven you can cook even more foods and have the convenience of those foods being cooked very quickly.  They even taste better too!
What a wonderful appliance, cooking delicious foods for us, at a lightning speed.  You never have to struggle with finding time to cook again.  Having such a convenient appliance in the kitchen enables us to eat what we want when we want.  Cooking healthy meals at home has never been easier.  Save time, save money (don’t be tempted by quick fast food ever again!), and eat healthier great tasting foods using your own microwave convection oven.


What to Look for in a Microwave Convection Oven:


Some models have matching Trim Kits available so you can use it as a built-in microwave.
Picture: Panasonic NN-CD989S Prestige & Trim Kit

Shopping for a convection microwave oven is just like shopping for a normal microwave, and similar shopping principles apply.  (For a more detailed shopping guide check out our home page).  First, consider the size of the oven both the exterior and the interior.  Check to make sure you have enough space on your counter or in the microwave designed space of your kitchen cabinets.  If you want a built in convection microwave, find a unit that comes with a matching trim kit or one that has a trim kit which can be purchased separately for that particular model.  Be sure you have the correct dimensions as well as adequate space in your cabinets.

It is also important to check the interior dimensions of the unit you are interested in.  As you are shopping for a microwave convection oven, you will be using your microwave for a lot more than you would in a standard microwave.  You may find you won’t be using your regular oven much at all.  So it is important to make sure it is large enough to cook your favorite casseroles, bake cakes, biscuit trays and cook whole roast chickens and any other foods you are planning to use it for.

The features of convection microwave ovens it also important to look out for.  Check out what modes of cooking the unit has.  Some models (such as one of our favorites: the Panasonic NN-CD989S Prestige) come with normal microwave mode, bake mode, broil mode as well as combination modes.  The combination mode of convection and microwave allows you to cook foods as you would in a conventional oven at microwave speed.  This is an extremely handy to have feature, if you like to bake or roast foods often but are short on time.  We have chosen what we think are the best units available to feature here on our website.  Have a read through our convection microwave reviews to help you make an informed decision.


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