Amana AMV1150VAS Over-the-Range Microwave Review

Those looking for a stylish yet powerful addition to their kitchen, will be very interested in the Amana 1.5 Cubic Feet Over-the-Range Microwave Oven.  This great value, easy to use microwave is not a standard countertop oven.  It an over-the-range oven which is installed over your stove-top and doubles as a range hood and light.  This can save a lot of space in the kitchen, and looks pretty snazzy to boot!

Amana Over-the-Range Microwave in Stainless Steel AMV1150VAS Amana Over-the-Range Microwave in White AMV1150VAW
Amana Over the Range Microwave in Stainless Steel - Side View Amana Over-the-Range Microwave in Black AMV1150VAB

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Review of the Amana Over-the-Range Microwave

1.5 Cubic Feet, 1000 Watt

Stainless Steel AMV1150VAS, White AMV1150VAW, & Black AMV1150VAB


The Amana 1.5 Cubic Feet Over-the-Range Microwave brings a sleek and sophisticated look to any kitchen.  Its contemporary design gives it a modern and sharp appearance as it has a silhouette which is created by a hidden vent.  Some over-the-range microwaves can look a tad ugly and cluttered with large vents across the front.  This makes the Amana Over-the-Range Microwave win hands down in terms of looks.

The Amana Over-the-Range is not all about appearance however.  It is a powerful and easy to use microwave with auto cook features and a scrolling display.  It also has a large and deep interior which allows you to cook and heat larger dishes and platters, making it come in very handy in the kitchen.

Note:  I decided to review the Amana Over-the-Range Microwave in Stainless Steel (AMV1150VAS), in Black (AMV1150VAB) and in White (AMV1150VAW) together, as they are the same model only in different finishes.


Features:Amana 1.5 Cubic Feet Over-the-Range Microwave AMV1150VAS - Roomy Interior

  • Over-the-Range Design
  • Contemporary Style – Vent is Hidden from View
  • Display has a Scrolling Word Prompt
  • Auto Cook Functions
  • Defrost Function
  • Touchmatic Control Panel
  • Large Interior – Large Serving Bowls and Platters fit in easily
  • Comes with a Surface Light for your Cooktop, with a Timer Delay
  • Can be vented inside or outside.
  • Note:  Needs an outlet in the cupboard above in order to plug it in.
  • Measurements:  29.94 inches Wide by 17.25 inches High by 15.50 inches Deep
  • Weight:  60 pounds (shipping weight – actual weight will be less)


Customer Reviews:

Owners of the Amana AMV1150VAS, AMV1150VAB, and the AMV1150VAW Over-the-Range Microwave are very happy with the unit and would purchase it again.  Rated at mostly 5 and 4/5 Stars at Amazon, this over-the-range microwave is described as a great affordable microwave which is very good value.

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Let’s look at the pros and cons owners of the Amana AMV1150VAW found:

Pros:Amana Over-the-Range Microwave in Stainless Steel - Installed
  • Owners love the look of the unit and its sleek design.
  • No brand name can be seen at the front of the appliance.  This gives the kitchen a nice look especially when it is paired with other brand appliances.
  • The unit has a large and deep interior which is great for those larger items.  It is large enough for most uses.
  • It works great.  Owners comment that the microwave works very well at cooking, heating and defrosting.
  • It is very affordable.
  • It is very easy to use.  Great for those who don’t like reading instructions and manuals.  Microwave is simple to operate with its user friendly controls.
  • Foods are cooked and heated evenly.
  • It is very powerful.
  • The microwave has many features and options.
  • The range light is nice and bright.
  • Very good value.  Owners comment that the microwave is good value for money.
  • You can have outside or recycled exhaust, whichever you prefer, as it is equipped to do both.Amana Over-the-Range Microwave in Black - Side View
  • The unit was easy to install.  Owners are able to install it themselves using the templates and instructions included.
  • Amana products have a high build quality especially when compared to some of the other appliance brands which have a habit of only lasting a few years.


  • Some owners found this microwave to be a little loud when it runs as well as when the fan is on, while some others comment that it has around the same noise level of others microwaves they have owned, especially with over-the-range units which tend to be a little noisy.  The owners who found the fan to be noisy have the microwave vented inside.  Perhaps venting it outside can help solve the noise problem.
  • It doesn’t have an “Add 30 Seconds” button.  (It does have a “One Minute” button however).
  • The beeps when setting the microwave as well as the beeps when the cycle ends are a bit loud.
  • This unit has a few less features than some of the more expensive units.  It does have however all of the important features, such as it can be vented inside or outside.



The Amana Over-the-Range MicrowaveThe Amana 1.5 Cubic Feet Over-the-Range Microwave Oven appears to be a very good option in the range of over-the-range microwaves available.  It looks lovely, it works well and it is a very reasonable price.

A good microwave at a great deal: you can’t get better than that!



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