3 Different Things Your Microwave Oven Can Do

Microwave Functions


Ok, so you bought a microwave oven because you always have those leftovers in the fridge that you want to eat the next day. What you are probably not aware of, though, is how much you are missing out thinking that re-heating food is the only use you have for this versatile kitchen appliance. In case you did not know, you could actually cook an entire dish with just your microwave oven. Whatever your preconceived notions are, here are some valuable tips that you might find to be helpful the next time you set your eyes on this invaluable appliance.


Microwave Functions: How to Make the most of your Microwave


Cooking Food

Aside from reheating leftovers, simple food preparations that require water are feasible with the use of a microwave. Steaming, braising, and poaching all come to mind upon hearing this bit of trivia, and not without reason because they all require water and heating. Instead of using a large pot, you could avoid a messy aftermath by just using the microwave with a deep microwavable bowl and a trusty lid. Some even do it with seal-able plastic, but let us avoid the possible health hazards by sticking to the microwave oven safe dish. Vegetables are the usual choice when cooking with the microwave simply because they could easily be enjoyed with simple preparations such as steaming.


Food Preparation

Who can resist melting chocolate in their microwave? Delicious!

Who can resist melting chocolate in their microwave? Delicious!

If not used for cooking, then the microwave could actually be a helping tool in preparing your ingredients. Citrus fruits, for example, would yield more juice if you heat them first in the microwave before juicing them. This is one tip that almost any microwave expert online will tell you. Aside from citrus fruits, baking essentials such as nuts and other toppings could be toasted using a microwave.

But why do so when you can just opt for the oven? Let’s just say that microwave ovens do it faster, so you can save both time and effort in preparation. Of course, any ingredient that would require melting such as sugar, butter, and chocolate could also be prepared swiftly with the use of this appliance.



Some people do it with sponges, while others also use cutting boards. It appears that your microwave oven could be used as a sterilizing tool when used in conjunction with lemon juice or vinegar. For plastic cutting boards, what’s recommended is to rub some lemon juice on the sides before leaving them to heat up for around a minute. For sponges, you just have to soak them in either vinegar or lemon juice and do the same thing as with the cutting board.



Whatever you used to believe in, at least now you have been enlightened that your microwave is more than a heating tool for leftovers. Hopefully, you would find these tips on microwave functions helpful for the benefit of your busy schedule and demanding lifestyle.

There are a hundred and one things you can do with your microwave oven so it’s indeed a very good investment and a handy equipment to have in the kitchen.


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